Below you can find downloadable files of our logo for professional print and digital screen applications.



Screen (PNG, SVG, JPG)

Package Print

  • gold (Luxor® 385)
  • 4c (100/90/10/30)
  • Pantone 2757 C
  • Pantone 2758 U

Package Screen (PNG, SVG, JPG)

  • RGB (35/41/103)

The basic rules for using the KURZ logo

  • The lettering and the signet must never be separated
  • The proportions must not be changed
  • The logo must be placed with a protected space around it, which is equal to the height of the logo on all sides.

In exceptional cases, the protected space may be reduced to half


  • The logo must stand out clearly from the background. For this purpose, for example, the use of a transparent white gradient in the background can be helpful
  • As a transfer finish, the logo is applied with LUXOR® 385
  • Implementation of the KURZ logo in white (negative) is only allowed in exceptional cases
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